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My name is Elana and I am getting ready to take you on a journey.  Welcome to ELEVATES INCUBATOR! This is a 12-week live course to help grow, manage, and sustain your business without burnout and discounts. 

This program works because I have created a proven system through over 15 years of experience, research, and coaching. Every qualified client that has gone through this program has experienced their highest months in business within 60 days of starting this program. 

How To Start

  • Continue reading for a snapshot of the investment and the curriculum.

  • Set up a payment plan that works for you.

  • Go through the process to get clarity on your goals.

  • Start the pre-work inside of our private group.

Who Should Sign Up?

This class is for service based businesses with at least 20 clients. You:

  • Feel stagnant

  • Need help getting or keeping clients

  • Want to get out of hustle mode

  • Willing to learn and grow

  • You're a self starter that takes initiative


Paid in Full: $2500 one-time payment

Monthly Payments: $1500 initiation fee with $625 per month for 2 months. A total of 3 payments.


Business Checklist

This is your home work before getting started. We make sure to cover the foundations first. Templates too!

Client Acquisition

Obtain and recession proof your private clientele.

Team Building

We will show you all the tools we've used for our teams.


Creating a solid service menus depends on so many factors! We show which one work for you!

Systems & Processes

Understanding how to construct the system that sells and duplicates!

Living Documents

Vital files for every growing business starts here.


Making retail just as strong as services. We go from upselling to Retail Real Estate!

Nurturing & Retention

Client care is the biggest part of your business to client experience...

Test for Performance

1-on-1 session to walkthrough your new system together!

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